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Sometimes You Just Have To
Let It Go!

Women Empowering One Another!

A Word From Our Founder

Hello Queen...

Yes, I’m talking to you beautiful…

Now more than ever, women are feeling societal pressure and the demands of life. 


Women of the 21 st century, are bombarded with questioning their

value and self-worth... as it relates to career and family.


Girl Let Your Hair Down © is an assembly of women coming together to make sense of life from a woman's perspective.


Let's Go! - It's Time For You To Be Bold!

Our Objective:

To create a space for all women to have open dialogues, in a safe and supportive environment.

Core Purpose:

To bring like-minded women from all walks of life, together to share in conversational gatherings that allows women to take a break from the demands of life.

“The Best Part About

Girl Let Your Hair Down!”

ALL participants can openly share, be heard and grow authentically as we learn to discover our true identify based on our strengths, values and beliefs.


Imagine a place created for women just like you and me, where we congregate for quarterly meetings to hang out, be Girls and Let Our Hair Down.

So what are you waiting for BEAUTIFUL – It’s time to Let Your Hair Down!


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